Our Mission & Reason

Our mission at Aeva is to provide each patient high quality affordable medications with an exceptional level customer service. We are motivated by an out-of-the-box approach to medication that puts you first. If you need a home delivery, let us know; we'll go the extra mile so you can get the right medication as soon as possible, starting your journey towards better health faster. Let us focus on you, so you can focus on life.

We wanted to create a name that embodied our vision for our company, services, and products. In latin, aevum means everlasting time. This supported our vision of wanting to help you feel and move as best as possible. Aeva (pronounced A-va) was started with the idea of creating an everlasting feeling of optimal health, hope, and confidence in medication. While we can't turn back the hands of time, hopefully we can help you feel as young as you feel on the inside!

Get To Know Your Pharmacy Staff

Camerina Gamboa, PharmD

Mayur Shah, PharmD